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2/28/13 - 7pm - Friends of MLML community lectures with Erika McPhee-Shaw presents, "SEAFARERS A history of exploration oceanography and the role of nationalism and warfare in advancing science."

February 28, 2013 - 7:00pm





A history of exploration oceanography and the role of nationalism and warfare in advancing science

An evening with MLML Professor Erika McPhee-Shaw

Please join us Thursday, February 28th at 7:00 PM

ABOUT THE TALK: The history of scientific advancement is also the history of geopolitical and socioeconomic forces. Here we view that story through the lens of oceanography and its development over the last two centuries; from the British global Challenger expedition of the 1840s, to the role of WWII submarine warfare in pushing advancements in ocean physics and acoustics, to modifications of oil exploration techniques leading to the discovery of seafloor spreading and ocean vents.  Based on a graduate seminar taught by Professor McPhee-Shaw, this talk will discuss the sometimes surprising ways in which 19th century European struggles for national power and maritime influence set the trajectory for human understanding of the global ocean, and examine some of the technological exchanges between military and science that have led to breakthrough discoveries.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER:  Dr. Erika McPhee-Shaw joined the Moss Landing Marine Labs faculty in 2005 as the Physical Oceanography professor.  Her research focuses on the physics of subsurface waves and coastal circulation.  Dr. McPhee-Shaw was recently elected Chair of the Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System (CeNCOOS) Executive Committee, our region’s arm of the national ocean observing initiative and infrastructure.  She was also selected as a 2013-2014 Leopold Leadership Fellow, through which she will receive training to help effectively engage leaders and decision makers in public and private sectors who are influential in sustainability and the environment.  She is active in the local community and serves on the board of directors of Bay View Academy in Monterey. 

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Community Science Lectures are held in the Seminar Room at MLML at 8272 Moss Landing Road in Moss Landing.  Questions?  Call Friends at (831) 771-4464