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Dave Ebert

Dave Ebert

David A. Ebert

Research Faculty, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
B.A., Humboldt State University
M.A., Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Ph.D., Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa
Email: debert [at] mlml [dot] calstate [dot] edu
Lab Website:
  Pacific Shark Research Center (PSRC)
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Current Project:
  Basking Shark website



Specific Research Interests:

The focus of my research efforts and interests are in chondrichthyan (sharks, rays, chimaeras) biology, ecology, fisheries, and systematics. I am especially interested in the community ecology, ecomorphology, and habitat utilization by chondrichthyans within various ecosystems. To this end I have several broad-based projects ongoing in the Bering Sea, eastern North Pacific, and southern Africa. Most of these North American projects are being conducted in collaboration with several National Marine Fisheries Service Labs including the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Seattle, WA, Northwest Fisheries, Newport, OR, and the Southwest Fisheries Lab, Santa Cruz, CA and in southern Africa I am collaborating with colleagues on several projects stemming from my earlier research on the chondrichthyan fauna of this region. Another project that I am involved with is a catalogue to the batoids of the world. This project, supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization, is a collaborative effort with several international experts to catalogue all of the known batoids. This is the first such effort on this group of fish in nearly a century.