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Jim Harvey

Jim Harvey


Director, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

Professor, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
and San Jose State
B.S., San Jose State University
M.A., Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Ph.D. Oregon State University
Email: harvey [at] mlml [dot] calstate [dot] edu
Lab Website:
Jim's Web Page:


Specific Research Interests:

Our research interests are generally associated with basic ecology of marine vertebrates (especially marine turtles, birds, and mammals) and aspects related to the effects of humans on these populations. Some specific areas of research are: (1) foraging ecology, (2) diving behavior and movements, (3) health and contaminants of marine mammals, (4) effects of fisheries/marine bird and mammal interactions and potential solutions, (5) abundance and distribution of marine vertebrates associated with oceanic processes, and (6) development of new techniques for vertebrate ecology. We seek to understand the basic ecology of these organisms and the relationship with specific environmental conditions along with studying ways in which these relationships can be impacted by anthropogenic influences.