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Jon Geller

Jonathan Geller


Professor, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
  and San Jose State
B.S., University of California at Davis
M.S., University of California at Davis
Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley
Email: geller [at] mlml [dot] calstate [dot] edu
Lab Website:
Jon's Web Page:


Specific Research Interests:

I am broadly interested in the evolutionary ecology of marine invertebrates, with three major foci: phylogeography, the genetics of biological invasions, and the interface of developmental biology and ecology. Phylogeogrphy is the investigation of intraspecific phylogenies in a geographic context, and the Invertebrate Lab has conducted studies of molluscs, cnidarians and echinoderms from California, the Indo-West Pacific, and South America. We also study the genetic consequences of biological invasions in terms of population genetics, as well as a growing interest in functional genomic approaches. Our studies of "eco-devo" center on the evolution of clonality in sea anemones.