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Students travel to Chile for Global Kelp Systems Course

In spring 2012, and most recently in January 2015, a selected group of advanced graduate students were given the opportunity to take a ten-day intensive course in Chile, South America. With travel expenses covered by a generous private donation, students traveled to Puerto Montt, Chile where they met up with South American students also enrolled in the class.

KUSP Story on Methyl Mercury

Final Script - METHYL MERCURY STORY  (MP3) – Wes Sims TRT:  3:46

{{ KENNETH ON YOUTUBE NATS 00:00in }}  :13

Water sounds, followed by: “Our laboratories made a unique discovery, and that is that fog water contains 400-times the concentration of methyl mercury than rainwater.

{{ NARRATION-1 }}  :27      (with on-board ship nats under from Kenneth YouTube)