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Public Resources

Facilities Rentals

  • Sandholdt Center Housing
    The laboratories are within walking distance of the property and only 20 minutes from Monterey Peninsula and Santa Cruz, an hour from San Jose, and an hour and a half from San Francisco.


Research Vessels

  • R/V Pt. Sur
    The R/V Point Sur performs routine data collection on most cruises, in addition to whatever specific data collection is requested.


  • R/V John Martin
    The JOHN H. MARTIN has been equipped as an oceanographic research vessel capable of trawling, bottom sampling, hydrographic sampling, side scanning, limited geophysical surveying, dive operations and bird/mammal surveys.


  • R/V Sheila B.
    The R/V Sheila B. is a 30’x10’ PackCat aluminum hull landing craft built by the William E. Munson Co. in 2001. She has been in service since as a multi-purpose research platform.


  • Small Boats
    MLML has a variety of outboard whalers available for graduate student use.



  • K-12 Education and Outreach
     Programs and activities provided by MLML for K-12 teachers and students with an emphasis on the middle and high school level.


  • Public Data
    Through this site you can access oceanographic and meteorological data. All data available at this site are in Pacific Standard Time.


  • Weather Station
    Moss Landing Marine Laboratories established a weather monitoring system November 17, 2000.