We survived and enjoyed: The MLML 50th celebration

By Jim Harvey (12 August 2016)

It was an awesome weekend (6 and 7 August 2016), as the MLML alumni, and current and past staff, faculty, and students assembled, talked, laughed, and celebrated. We had 450 people here on Saturday, and given that most of the people attending were probably alumni, that means about 50% of our 640 graduates were here. That's an amazing turnout. The students made $2,050 via various events that will go to student scholarships. So you have helped the student cause in a big way.

I will be getting a large number of photos from the professional photographer next week, so this week is just a tease of random shots before next week's photo blog.  I hope you enjoy.


We took pictures of each lab. Here is Ichthyology.

Danny's Photo of IchLabbers DSC09782b
Here is the largest lab picture, the Ichthyology Lab. Too many faces to identify, but you know who you are. Photo by Lori Heilprin.


We had fun under the tent.

Diana Watters, Aaron King, Andrew and Lois DeVogelaere
Diana Watters, Aaron King, Lucy Littlejohn, Teresa Farrar, Andrew and Lois DeVogelaere.


We had grads from the 1960s and early 70s who attended MLML just after the lab began.

Bud Laurent Chuck Versaggi,
Ann and Bill Davis, Victor Anderlini, Rich Ajeska, Chuck Versaggi, and Bud Laurent. Photo by Serafina Versaggi.


And they created their own t-shirts for the occasion.

First MLML volleyball team
First MLML volleyball team: Bud Laurent (modelling the shirt), Eric Dittmer, Dave Lewis, Hal Salwasser, Rich Ajesko, and Bill Davis (on top). I like the shirts. Photo by Serafina Versaggi.


The Quilt Quild produced three quilts for a raffle to generate funds for the Signe Lundstrom Memorial Scholarship Fund that supports MLML students. They raised $2,000.

MLML t-shirt quilt
One of the two MLML t-shirt quilts made by the MLML Quilt Guild.


quilt guild_McMasters adn Lois DeVogelaera
Lynn McMasters and Lois DeVogelaere sell raffle tickets for the three quilts,, the R/V Point Sur quilt is in the background. I think that is Sal Cerchio on the right coughing up some dough.


We made music under the tent.

Slough Stompers
The legendary Slough Stompers: Tom Harvey, Bruce Stewart, and Mark Silberstein, not pictured: Chris Jong, Jim Oakden, Ed Melvin, and John Hunt (actually you can just see the top of John's blue hat as he plays the bass).


And we gathered in the field next to the tent.

MLML 50th Group Photo Outside 080616
Greg Cailliet surrounded by MLMLers: Front row, L to R: Monica Farris, Lynn Krasnow, Greg Cailliet, Roger Helm, Steve Locy. Back row, L to R: Michele Karpov,  unknown, Susan Chinburg, Sara Tanner, Steve Lasley, Jim Oakden, Chris Jong, Bruce Stewart,   , Rod McInnis, Mary Yoklavich, Roger Odgren, and Bob Cowen..


It was great seeing everyone, and we missed all of you that could not be here. The whole weekend was a blast. Next week's blog will be lots more pictures. Way to go MLML!