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50TH ANNIVERSARY: 1966 TO 2016

MLML began educational activities in 1966, therefore, we celebrated our 50-year anniversary in 2016. Each week for the entire year leading up to the three-day long celebration from 5 to 7 August 2016 we published a blog on various historical and hysterical events associated with the storied history of MLML (links to blogs below). Some of the blogs recounted how the lab was formed; former faculty, staff, and administrators; and various research endeavors. Some of the blogs revisited special events or projects, often with some humor involved. These 54 blogs captured the essence of an active and highly successful marine lab at its infancy to a full-fledged powerhouse of marine science. We hope you enjoy reading about the history of MLML, these events have shaped the heart and soul of the place and continue to affect who we are and what we do.
Besides, they also are a great read!

MLML Friend and colleague Kirsten Carlson designed this logo to capture the Spirit of Moss Landing and to represent the global reach of our alumni and researchers.

50th Anniversary Blog Posts

  • The MLML 50th Anniversary Book

    The MLML 50th Anniversary Book

    By Jim Harvey (15 June 2017) As I have mentioned before in a previous post, we have secured some funding and procured the services of Nora Deans and Eric Cline to help produce a celebratory and historical book about the first 50 years of MLML. Here are some mock ups …
  • Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays

    By Jim Harvey (22 December 2016) 2016 has been an eventful, exciting, and exhausting year. We celebrated 50 years of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, and many of you celebrated with us. We created 58 blogs throughout the year,  we had numerous events (a VIP reception, 50th party at the lab …
  • A SCUBA Diving Fanatic and His Friends

    A SCUBA Diving Fanatic and His Friends

    By Tim Herrlinger (7 December 2016) Tim Herrlinger preparing to dive at the Hopkins Marine Life Refuge in 1981. The construction site of the future Monterey Bay Aquarium is in the background. MLML graduate students travel many financial paths along their educational odyssey to obtain an advanced degree. Often these …
  • The legless lizards of the MLML hill

    The legless lizards of the MLML hill

    By Linda Kuhntz (1 November 2016)   The California Legless Lizard (Anniella pulchra) is by nature an elusive creature and difficult to study because they live underground. Still, early surveys at our new MLML building site indicated that there were legless lizards present and experts thought that we might find …
  • MLML 50th Celebration – Part II

    MLML 50th Celebration – Part II

    By Jim Harvey (2 September 2016) We are starting to get some of the pictures from the MLML 50th Anniversary celebration, so for the next few blogs I am just going to post pictures from the weekend. All the following photos were taken by David Schmitz. Please comment as needed. …

Alumnus and resident graphic artist, Lynn McMasters created four logos to commemorate MLML's 50th Anniversary. Each logo represents 2 marine science disciplines.