MLML Annual Report for Academic Year 2018-2019

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories is a complex institution that provides curriculum and an M.S. degree in Marine Science as a consortium of 7 different California State Universities (CSU). There are tenure-track faculty, independent researchers, and technicians conducting research projects across the globe. Funding comes from CSU, San José State University (SJSU), the other consortium campuses, the SJSU Research Foundation, and donors via the SJSU Tower Foundation. These annual reports provide an overview of the goals and accomplishments of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories during the academic year and summarize the breadth of activities.

MLML's complete Annual Report for AY2018-2019 submitted by SJSU to the California State University Chancellors Office in October 2019 can be read by clicking the link below.

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Number of Publications

MLML personnel published 79 scientific papers and 1 book.


Press and Publicity


20 tours conducted to K-12 classes, summer camps, local clubs, and undergrad classes

Weekly Seminars

Part of MLML’s dissemination strategy includes participating in lectures and conducting weekly seminars

Drop In Blog

"Drop In" to MLML's student blogs to learn more about our student's research and activities

Whale Entanglement Team

MLML supports the disentanglement efforts with meeting spaces, vessels, and trained personnel that participate directly in removing whales from fishing and other gear

MLML is funded by SJSU through three different revenue streams. Funding for the Graduate Program: faculty and staff salaries, operating expenses and equipment are funded by SJSU's College of Science. Secondly, MLML receives a percentage from all grants awarded through the SJSU Research Foundation to support our research program administration, facilities and financial management. Our third source of funding comes from donations and philanthropic gifts administered for MLML by SJSU's Tower Foundation that support scholarships, research projects and programs.

MLML is known for a hands-on, field-oriented approach which places our students, faculty, researchers and staff at the frontiers of marine science worldwide where discoveries are being made.