About Us



To develop novel technologies for enhancing the sustainability and productivity of current aquaculture practices. MLML Aquaculture Facility hopes to lead the way in developing a rigorous foundation and policy for aquaculture science and in training the workforce and leaders in sustainable aquaculture in California, the United States, and worldwide.





  • Advance interdisciplinary aquaculture research among CSU campuses
  • Innovate in onshore and land-based system technologies for the aquaculture industry in California
  • Expand research into the use of aquaculture in clean technology applications for a variety of resource recovery settings




  • Develop new curricula and training programs for undergraduate and graduate students in aquaculture science
  • Inform the public and policy makers regarding sustainable aquaculture
  • Train CSU students for jobs in the burgeoning aquaculture industry




  • Inform the evolving standards and regulations for aquaculture
  • Stimulate growth of the aquaculture industry in California, particularly in key areas where it is currently lacking
  • Promote the development of economically and environmentally sustainable food and energy resources


The Aquaculture Facility at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) is centered around the recently-dedicated MLML Aquaculture Facility and involves faculty members and researchers from throughout the CSU, as well as a range of industry and outreach partners. In April 2015 we received a grant from the Council on Ocean Affairs, Science, and Technology (COAST) Strategic Investment Program to develop a funding strategy and a research and curricular plan for the MLML Aquaculture Facility. The grant ran from July 2015 to December 2016, included co-investigators from MLML, San Diego State University and Cal State East Bay and was led by MLML’s Prof. Mike Graham.