The MLML Aquaculture Facility is committed to reaching out to and engaging with a range of industry and outreach partners. Existing, ongoing relationships at the MLML Shorelab and/or with MLML aquaculture faculty include:

Monterey Abalone Company

There is already an established Academic-Industry abalone hatchery program ongoing at the Aquaculture Facility.

Sustainable Seaculture Technologies (SST) 

An existing partnership program with SST at the Aquaculture Facility to explore techniques for using algae culture for bioremediation applications.

Monterey Bluewater Farms

MLML is currently assisting in the set up of a breeding facility for yellowtail amberjacks and in planning a hatchery on-site at Moss Landing.

Carlsbad Aquafarm 

We already have an established collaboration to study how parental diet impacts abalone fecundity for the purpose of enhancing wild stocks.

The David & Lucile Packard Foundation

Plans exist to extend the MLML Aquaculture Facility’s outreach to include partners such as: