Current Volunteers



Please REFRIGERATE and contact us for a priority pick up
  • Marbled Murrelet
  • Snowy Plover
  • Least Tern
  • Scripps’ Murrelet
  • Ashy Storm-Petrel (only if very fresh)
  • Any other banded birds (only if very fresh)
  • Any other shorebird (only if very fresh)


Please collect these species (FREEZE)
  • GULLS - Western, California, and Heerman's - as of September 2018
  • Rhinoceros Auklet
    (only if fresh, otherwise do not collect)
  • Any procellarid
    (only if fresh; includes shearwaters, fulmars, albatrosses, and storm-petrels)
  • Ashy Storm-Petrel
    (okay to freeze if not fresh)
  • Any other banded birds
    (okay to freeze if not fresh)
  • Any other shorebird
    (okay to freeze if not fresh)
  • Oiled birds
    (carcasses frozen, or an oiled feather sample can be taken and frozen)

Last Updated: 29th October, 2018

Volunteers Connie and Stanley find Sponge Bob on a survey of Fort Ord Dunes State Beach. Condition: fresh collected.


For supplies, please email

  • Clipboard
  • Tape Measure
  • Clippers
  • Beached Marine Bird and Mammal Guide
  • Hemp rope to mark pinnipeds
  • Pencils
  • Bird identification guide (National Geographic)
  • Brown paper bags (for oiled carcasses, feathers, tarballs)
  • Plastic trash bags (for fresh carcasses, non-oiled)
  • Oil sampling supplies
  • NEW Oil-Data-Reference Sheet
  • Evidence envelopes
  • Aluminum foil
  • Clean gloves
  • Rubber gloves
  • Permit (provided by program manager)


  • Pencil sharpener
  • Hand cleaner
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen and protective gear for weather
  • Refreshments and water
D. Feleay - Western Gulls and fish prey