MLML Chemical Oceanographers publish paper on mercury transport in fog

Dr. Kenneth Coale, MPSL's Wesley Heim, Autumn Bonnema, Amy Byington, Adam Newman, and Chris Beebe, current Chemical Oceanography Lab students Alex Olson and Holly Chiswell, MLML alums Steve Martenuk and John Negrey, with collaborators from CSUMB and UCSC recently published their research on mercury in the California Current and it's transport via fog.  The paper is titled The distribution and speciation of mercury in the California Current: Implications for mercury transport via fog to land.

You can read the paper here.

New Film, The Pacific Leatherback, features work by MLML Research Affiliate Scott Benson

The Pacific Leatherback is film by John Dutton which highlights a lot of the work by MLML research affiliate Scott Benson. The film has already won an award from the Virgin Spring Cinefest and is nominated for the prestigious Golden Galaxy Awards. The film has also been selected to screen at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, Docs without Borders, and International Shorts.
Watch the trailer by clicking here!


MLML Welcomes Visiting Scientist Dr. Katlin Bowman

We are excited to announce Dr. Katlin Bowman as one of this year's visiting scientist! Dr. Bowman is an oceanographer who studies mercury chemistry in marine environments. Currently, she is studying how microplastic pollution in San Francisco Bay impacts mercury cycling.

For more about her work check out:

1) Her recent blog post

2) Her website

3) Or get real time updates on Twitter: @KatlinBowman


MLML Research Faculty Dr. Holly Bowers publishes paper on harmful algal blooms in Monterey Bay

MLML congratulates one of our Research Faculty, Dr. Holly A. Bowers, on her just published article on the role of species composition in determining the potential domoic acid toxicity of our frequent Pseudo-nitzschia blooms in the bay.  The article compares across years 2013 and 2015, the latter was part of the superbloom that ultimately caused the closure of crab fisheries along the Pacific coast.  Bowers and her collaborators, including MLML's April Woods and G. Jason Smith, make use of several state of the art sampling platforms and techniques.

See the article Here.


MLML Alum, Cyndi Dawson, Named Executive Director of O’Neill Sea Odyssey

MLML congratulates Alum Cyndi Dawson on her new job as executive director for O'Neill Sea Odyssey, a non-profit encouraging ocean stewardship.  Cyndi was a member of the Fisheries & Conservation Biology Lab, and her thesis was on the movement and habitat of prickly shark in Monterey Bay.

Read about her appointment in this Santa Cruz Sentinel article.

Click here to read about her time at MLML.