MLML’s Dr. Jon Geller’s research featured on the cover of Science

Congratulations to MLML's Dr. Jon Geller of the Invertebrate Zoology Lab and collaborators for their cover article in the recent issue of Science for their research on Tsunamu-driven rafting!  Their research is also featured in perspective piece and a video, as well as being picked up by The Mercury News and The New York Times.

MLML student Kristin Walovich discovers new species of ghost shark!

Kristin Walovich, graduate student in the Pacific Shark Research Center here at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, is featured in a Live Science article with her discovery of the second largest species of ghost shark: Hydrolagus erithacus.

Read the full article here: Smile! New Bucktoothed Ghost Shark Species Discovered

Read Walovich's paper, published in Zootaxa, here: Hydrolagus erithacus sp. nov. (Chimaerifirmes: Chimaeridae), a new species of chimaerid from the southeastern Atlantic and southwestern Indian Ocean

MLML Director Jim Harvey provides insight for floating Harbor Seal haul out site at Alameda Point, CA

The Harbor Seals at Alameda Point have a new floating haul out site to replace the old wooden dock previously used. The floating site is gradually being moved to acclimate the seals to a safe place to rest near the ferry maintenance facility. Dr. Harvey provided insight on float design and location.

Read more about how Harbor Seals Adapt to New Home Afloat:

Two harbor seals sleep on the new float provided by the Water Emergency Transportation Authority. The metal grab hooks on the float were installed so that the fabricator could lower the float into the water. Once the float is anchored at its permanent location, the hooks will be removed and the voids grouted, although the seals like using them as pillows. One side of the float has a ramp for easy access. Photo by: Richard Bangert