Title Author Year
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Assessment and Management Prioritization Regime for the Bar-built Estuaries of San Mateo County (2.13 MB) CCWG 2016
BBE Monitoring Presentation to California State Park's RMNI Training (35.89 MB) CCWG 2017
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Bird Census at Salinas River Restoration Area in Spring 1997 (175.42 KB) Eileen Connors 1997
Castroville Community Outreach Summary Report (2.83 MB) CCWG 2017
CCWG Brochure (5.98 MB) CCWG 2010
CCWG Charter (297.3 KB) CCWG 2012
CCWG Development Final Report (3.51 MB) CCWG 2010
CCWG informational presentation (6.43 MB) CCWG 2009
CCWG Statement of Qualifications, 2015 (2.05 MB) CCWG 2015
Central Coast Ambient Monitoring Program. 1998 Coastal Confluences Sediment Chemistry Assessment (853.33 KB) Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board 1998
Central Coast Regional Monitoring Program (775.16 KB) CCWG 2007
City of Capitola Coastal Climate Change Vulnerability Report CCWG 2017
City of Capitola Coastal Climate Change Vulnerability Report Appendices CCWG 2017
Clark Moro Cojo TAC Conclusion (802.89 KB) 2012
Clark Moro Cojo TAC Intro (2.79 MB) 2012
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CRAM Administration and Management Plan (4.77 MB) CCWG 2014
CRAM- Standardization of the Update Process, Manuals and Training Materials (2.26 MB) CCWG 2013
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Depressional CRAM Verification Final Report (2.21 MB) CCWG 2014
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Development of Integrated Measures of Ecosystem Condition to Support Biological Objectives for Riverine Wetlands (1.26 MB) Eric Stein, Pete Ode 2013
Development of New Tools to Assess Riparian Extent and Condition-A Central Coast Pilot Stud-Final Report USEPA Wetlands Program Development Grant CD- 00T83101 (4.15 MB) CCWG 2017
Effectiveness Study of Multiple Off-Farm Treatment Practices for Specialty Crop Farmers-Final Report (9.06 MB) CCWG 2017
Effects of Inflows on Water Quality and Habitat Conditions in Small Central California Estuary/Lagoon Systems (2.18 MB) Smith, Jerry and Robinson, Mark 1987
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Final Report: Monterey County Water Resources Agency – Reclamation Ditch Management Strategy (460.95 KB) CCoWS 2005
Final Report: Monterey County Water Resources Agency – Reclamation Ditch Watershed Assessment (28.39 MB) CCoWS 2005
Historical Ecology Maps of the Gabilan Watershed (3.27 MB) Joel Casagrande-CCOWS 2008
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Inventory of all Coastal Confluences in California-excel (128.19 KB) CCWG, TNC 2014
Inventory of all Coastal Confluences in California-Geodatabase (1.23 MB) CCWG, TNC 2014
Key Lessons for incorporating natural infrastructure into regional climate adaptation planning (1.39 MB) Langridge et al 2014
Level 1-2-3 Assessment of Morro Bay Watershed (1.01 MB) O'Connor, Kevin 2008
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Molera Road Treatment Wetland Summary (1.04 MB) CCWG, CCoWS 2013
Molera Treatment Wetland (1.1 MB) CCoWS, CCWG 2012
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Moro Cojo Slough Management and Enhancement Plan Final Report (15.6 MB) The Habitat Restoration Group 1996
Moro Cojo Slough Management and Enhancement Status Update, 2013 (12.47 MB) CCWG 2013
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Moro Cojo Tidegates 1990 Monitoring Report (180.87 KB) ABA Consultants 1991
Moss Landing Community Coastal Climate Change Vulnerability Report (5.32 MB) CCWG 2017
Moss Landing Community Coastal Climate Change Vulnerability Report-Appendices (3.37 MB) CCWG 2017
Moss Landing Marine Laboratory Relocation Draft EA (4.15 MB) LSA Associates, Inc. 1994
Moss Landing South Harbor Wetlands Restoration Project Monitoring (10.61 MB) Assegued and Associates 1995
Natividad Creek Wetland and Upland Habitat Restoration Plan (8.59 MB) CEC, MLML
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Northern Salinas Valley Watershed Restoration Plan: Final Report 1997 (12.95 MB) John Oliver, Ross Clark, Melinda Mulitsch, Frank Barron 1997
OceanMist Bioreactor-Summary Description (345.31 KB) CCWG, MBNMS 2017
PG&E Constructed Treatment Wetland-!00% Designs (3.26 MB) Waterways Consulting 2016
PG&E Constructed Treatment Wetland-Summary (192.76 KB) CCWG, MBNMS 2017
Piloting the Riparian Rapid Assessment Method in Four Central Coast Watersheds (6.7 MB) CCWG 2016
Policy Strategy to Reduce Erosion in the Elkhorn Slough Watershed (9.73 MB) ABA Consultants 1994
Pre-Project Implementation Condition Assessment-Carmel River Floodplain (Carmel, CA) (88.36 MB) Central Coast Wetlands Group 2015
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Riparian Rapid Assessment Method for California-version 1.4 (1.94 MB) Central Coast Wetlands Group 2016
Salinas River Lagoon Marsh Plain Condition Assessment (782.06 KB) Central Coast Wetlands Group 2015
Salinas River State Beach Dune Restoration and Management Plan (3.3 MB) CCWG 2016
Salinas River Watershed Area Salt Modeling (13.16 MB) Tetra Tech 2015
Salinas Valley Irrigation and Nutrient Management Program-Final Report (5.9 MB) MBNMS, CCR, CCWG, MCRCD, UCD Coop. Ext. 2017
San Mateo County Bar-Built Estuary Report Cards (105.12 MB) CCWG 2016
Santa Cruz County Coastal Climate Change Vulnerability Report (6.97 MB) CCWG 2017
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Santa Rita Creek at Ferrasci Park Habitat Restoration Assessment (2.84 MB) Central Coast Wetlands Group 2015
Sea Level Rise TAC Presentation (18.66 MB) CCWG and partners 2015
Slope Wetland CRAM Final Report (4.65 MB) SFEI-ASC 2014
SLR Presentation to the League of Women Voters (Santa Cruz) (32.14 MB) CCWG 2017
Technical Design for a Status & Trends Monitoring Program to Evaluate Extent and Distribution of Aquatic Resources in California (4.46 MB) Eric Stein, Lelia Lackey 2012
Technical Report, 1995 Flood (8.8 MB) W.E.O.P 1995
Update to Natividad Creek Park Restoration Plan: Water Reuse and Flood Protection around V.R. Barton School and Laurel Lake (4.09 MB) The Watershed Institute 1997
Using New Methodologies to Assess Bar-Built Estuaries Along Caliornia's Coastline (3.33 MB) CCWG 2014
W.E.O.P. Spring Report (8.15 MB) W.E.O.P 1995
Wasson Moro Cojo TAC (4.37 MB) 2012
Water resources management plan for Watsonville Slough System (5.6 MB) AMBAG 1995
Watershed Monitoring Internship Program Report (800.82 KB) W.E.O.P 1995
Watsonville Slough Critical Coastal Area #37 (856.56 KB) Watsonville CCAs TAC 2007
Wetland and Riparian Restoration Management Measure Tracking-Summary Report (2.2 MB) Ross Clark, Martin Hurd 2005
Wetland Enhancement Plan for the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories Earthquake Reconstruction, Final Report (4.29 MB) ABA Consultants 1995
Wilder Ranch Wetland Restoration Plan (9.81 MB) Moss Landing Marine Labs 1993