AAUS Pool Skills

AAUS Swim Test (must pass on first day of class, no swim aids allowed)

1)    400 yd swim in under 12 min.

2)    25 yd underwater swim (** practice this under supervision)

3)    10 min tread water

4)    25 yd swimmer transport

-  Skin Skills (in pool, then ocean)

1)    Weight belt R&R= removal and replacement (surface and at depth – 10’)

2)    Mask R&R

3)    Fin R& R

4)    Any 2 items R&R

5)    Skin Rescue

6)    50 yds underwater on 3 breaths


-  SCUBA Skills (in pool, then ocean)

1)    Removal and Recovery (R&R) of gear at surface and at depth – weight belt/pouches, BCD, mask, regulator

2)    BCD Orally inflate, remove and replace power inflator (surface and at depth)

3)    Buddy breath 25 yds without mask as donor and recipient

4)    Octopus breath 25 yds without mask as donor and recipient

5)    Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA - 25yds horizontal)

6)    Full UW gear exchange with buddy

7)    Full Gear Ditch and Don*

8)    Bailout (enter water with all gear in hand, turn on air and put on gear)*

9)    Complete SCUBA rescue

10) 400 yard surface swim in full scuba gear, breathing on snorkel <20minutes

** non-mandatory skill, conducted in pool only

MS 273 Subtidal Marine Ecology

MS 273 Marine Ecology of the Gulf of California

Algae (Padina concrescens, Sargassum sinicola) at Isla Sin Nombre

Instructor: Diana Steller

MLML DSO, Diana Steller

Instructor: Jim Harvey

Instructor: Ivano Aiello
MS 273 Marine Ecology of the Gulf of California (Spring 2011) Photos
MS 273: Marine Environmental Studies of the Gulf of California   4 Units
A comparative analysis of Gulf of California marine environments. Lectures, readings, intensive field work, and composing a scientific paper based on original research. Topics will vary depending on instructors. Taught in conjunction with Mexican faculty and students from La Paz, Mexico, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur.
Prerequisites:  Graduate standing; Instructor's consent, students must be able to participate in 2 weeks of field work and a valid passport is required.
Offered:  Spring

MS 272 Subtidal Ecology

A sunflower star, Pycnopodia helianthoides, is a large predatory sea star.
Kelp Rockfish at Hopkins State Marine.
MS 272: Subtidal Ecology   4 Units 

The ecology of nearshore rocky subtidal populations and communities with emphasis on kelp forests. Lectures and discussions of original literature. Fieldwork with SCUBA including group projects on underwater research techniques and community analysis, and individual research on ecological questions chosen by the student. Offered alternate spring semesters.

Prerequisites:  Graduate standing, MLML diver certification and MS 103 or equivalent (knowledge of marine algae, invertebrates, and statistics recommended).
Offered:  Spring

MS 105 Scientific Diving


AAUS Diver surveying kelp
AAUS Diver surveying kelp

This course is designed to familiarize certified recreational divers with scientific diving techniques, and to qualify participants to dive under the auspices of MLML and the CSU and other AAUS institutions. The topics covered include diving physics, physiology, decompression, nitrox, night diving, specialized diving modes, and research diving. Students will receive NAUI and MLML certifications upon completion of the course.

Offered: Each fall semester & during the end of summer, through a two week intensive course.

Prerequisites: Open Water  SCUBA certification, upper division Science major status, thorough physical examination, and the ability to pass a swim test.

Note: Science major credit for CSUF and SJSU undergraduate students only. Enrollment is limited to 10 students.

MLML Diving Safety Officer & Instructor, Diana Steller
MLML Diving Safety Officer & Instructor, Diana Steller