Dive related opportunites


Central California Council of Diving Clubs Scholarship

The award of $1,000 is to support a student engaging in studies of underwater habitats. Aquatic related programs in the disciplines of biology, physical sciences, marine education, maritime archaeology, historical and social aspects of marine resources or the science of diving are relevant for consideration.

AAUS affiliated Scholarships:

-Kathy Johnston Scholarship awards $3000 to a doctoral program student.

-Kevin Gurr Scholarship awards $3000 to a master program student.

AAUS may also award two additional $1500 scholarships to the next top-ranking proposals. If the additional scholarships are awarded, they may be split between the master and doctoral programs or they may be both awarded within a single program.

-Kevin Flanagan Student Travel Award provides up to $800 to undergraduate and/or graduate students interested in diving science to attend AAUS scientific meetings. The award is competitive merit-based. As many as three students may be funded annually.  *The Kevin Flanagan award was established in collaboration with Kevin's family as a legacy to his commitment to AAUS and scientific diving. Kevin served as AAUS board member (2009-2011) and diving safety officer at the University of Hawaii and East Carolina University prior to his death in April 2012. Our goal is to develop this as the first endowed award of the AAUS Foundation, permanently funded through interest earned on the raised capital.

-Hollis Gear Award  - Hollis  Gear  (www.hollisgear.com)  has  graciously  offered  to  fund  a  new  scholarship  program  for  AAUS  student members engaged in, or planning to begin, a research project in which diving is or will be used as a principal research tool or study scientific diving.   Hollis will provide up to two awards annually valued  at  $1250  per  recipient  ($1000  in  Hollis  diving  equipment  plus  $250  to  cover  training  or academic diving travel costs).

Zale Parry Scholarship

AUAS-IDI Commercial Dive Training Scholarship

PADI/ Boy Scouts of America Scholarships

Our World Underwater Rolex Scholarship