Dive Planning

Forms you need for planning a MLML research diving project.

1. Diving Plan

Dive Plan Example

This is necessary for all dives and diving projects and must be submitted prior to any diving project AND approved. If you are engaging in a thesis project or other long term project you may submit a single plan for that project. 

2. Dive Log


MLML Dive Log Template (For non Webdiver users)

To maintain current research diver status you must either submit a paper dive log to the diving safety officer or maintain your dives through the Webdiver (online system) program. To turn in a paper copy you can download the dive log, fill it out in Excel and either, 1. print it out and deliver it or 2. e-mail it as an attachment. Feel free to contact Diana Steller.

*****Each diver is responsible for logging their own dives to maintain active diver status.

3. Review our MLML Dive Emergeny Management Plan

1. Emergency Response Flow Chart

2. Patient Information

3. Field Neurological Examination

4. MLML Small Boats & Diving Emergency Phone Numbers

Also included:

Lost Diver/Man/Woman Overboard (MOB) Protocol

4. Review our Multi Day diving recommendations.

If you are diving for 7-10 days at 3 dives or more a day you should:

1) Take a day off in the middle.

2) Dive nitrox.

3) Stay Hydrated.

DCS information - Scubadoc's Diving