AAUS Swim Test (must pass on first day of class, no swim aids allowed)

1)    400 yd swim in under 12 min.

2)    25 yd underwater swim (** practice this under supervision)

3)    10 min tread water

4)    25 yd swimmer transport


Skin Skills (in pool, then ocean)

1)    Weight belt R&R= removal and replacement (surface and at depth – 10’)

2)    Mask R&R

3)    Fin R& R

4)    Any 2 items R&R

5)    Skin Rescue

6)    50 yds underwater on 3 breaths


SCUBA Skills (in pool, then ocean)

1)    Removal and Recovery (R&R) of gear at surface and at depth – weight belt/pouches, BCD, mask, regulator

2)    BCD Orally inflate, remove and replace power inflator (surface and at depth)

3)    Buddy breath 25 yds without mask as donor and recipient

4)    Octopus breath 25 yds without mask as donor and recipient

5)    Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA – 25yds horizontal)

6)    Full UW gear exchange with buddy

7)    Full Gear Ditch and Don*

8)    Bailout (enter water with all gear in hand, turn on air and put on gear)*

9)    Complete SCUBA rescue

10) 400 yard surface swim in full scuba gear, breathing on snorkel <20minutes

** non-mandatory skill, conducted in pool only