Gary Greene

Gary Greene

H. Gary Greene

Professor Emeritus, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
  and San Jose State
B.S., California State University Long Beach
M.S., Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Ph.D., Stanford University
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Specific Research Interests:

Geological oceanographic research is focused on tectonic and sedimentary processes that shape the coast and play a role in the evolution of submarine canyons. Of particular interest is the origin and movement of mass wasting events that have the ability to generate tsunami. Research undertaken at the Center for Habitat Studies entail the use of geophysical techniques in imaging the seafloor and constructing potential habitat maps that are useful in managing bottom fisheries.

Current Projects:

(1) California fisheries habitat characterization; (2) Analyses of multibeam and backscatter data of the seafloor in the San Juan Islands region; (3) Evaluation of landslide deposits on the continental shelf off Big Sur; (4) Rockfish habitat mapping and geology of the S.E. Alaska fishing grounds; (5) Sedimentary and tectonic dynamics of the submarine canyons along the central California coast; (6) Investigation of the complex, compound Golita submarine landslide; (7) Mega-bedforms as habitat for migratory fishes; (8) Deep-sea corals: Habitat characterization along the Aleutian Arc; (9) Characterization of non-seismogenic tsunamigenic landslides of central California; (10) Geology and tectonics of the San Gregorio-Hosgri fault complex; (11) Tectonics of the Queen Charlotte-Fairweather Fault zone, Alaska.

Selected Publications:

Greene, H.G., Yoklavich, M.M., O’Connell, V.M., Starr, R.M., Wakefield, W.W. and Cailliet, G.M.. 2000. Mapping and classification of deep seafloor habitats. ICES paper CM 2000 T:08:11

Yoklavich, M.M., Greene, H.G., Cailliet, G.M., Sullivan, D.E., Lea, R.N. and Love M.S.. 2000. Habitat association of deep-water rockfishes in a submarine canyon: an example of a natural refuge. Fisheries Bulletin 98:625-641

Greene, H.G., Yoklavich, M.M., Starr, R., O’Connell, V.M., Wakefield, W.W., Sullivan, D.L. MacRea, J.E. and Cailliet, G.M.. 1999. A classification scheme for deep-water seafloor habitats. Oceanographica ACTA v.22:663-678

Auzende, J.-M. and Greene, H.G. (Eds.). 1999. Special Issue of Oceanologica Acta. Marine Benthic Habitats v. 22, n. 6

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