Greg Cailliet

Gregor Cailliet

Gregor M. Cailliet

Professor Emeritus, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
  and Fresno State
B.A., University of California at Santa Barbara
Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara
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Specific Research Interests:

I have always been actively interested in the ecology and life history of both bony fishes and chondrichthyans, especially those in the deep sea. Recently, I have concentrated on age, growth, age validation, reproduction, demography, and feeding habit studies. We often use radiochemistry and bomb-generated radiocarbon studies in our age validation studies on deep-water and chondrichthyan fishes. In July, 2009, I retired and am now Professor Emeritus. As such, I continue to work on research but am no longer able to accept graduate students.

Current Projects:

(1) Age, growth and validation, reproduction, demography, and feeding habits of marine bony and cartilaginous fishes; (2) Age validation studies of deep-sea corals; (3) Habitat utilization patterns of deep-sea fishes and invertebrates.

Selected Publications:

Kerr, L.A., A.H. Andrews, B.R. Frantz, K.H. Coale, T.A. Brown, and G.M. Cailliet. 2004. Radiocarbon in otoliths of yelloweye rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus): a reference time series for the coastal waters of southeast Alaska. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 61:1-9

Cailliet, G.M. and K.J. Goldman. 2004. Age Determination and Validation in Chondrichthyan Fishes. In: Carrier, J., J.A. Musick, and M. R. Heithaus (Editors), Biology of Sharks and Their Relatives, CRC Press LLC, Boca Raton, Florida Chapter 14:339-447

Yoklavich, M.M., G.M. Cailliet, D.S. Oxman, J.P. Barry, and D.C. Lindquist. 2003. Fishes. In: Caffrey, J., M. Brown, W. Breck Tyler, and M. Silberstein (Editors), Changes in a California Estuary: A Profile of Elkhorn Slough. Elkhorn Slough Foundation chapter 10:163-185

Mollet, H. F. and G. M. Cailliet. 2003. Reply to comments by Miller et al. on Mollet and Cailliet (2002): confronting models with data. Marine and Freshwater Research 54:739-744

Starr, R.M., J.N. Heine, J.M. Felton, and G.M. Cailliet. 2002. Movements of bocaccio (Sebastes paucispinis) and greenspotted (S. chlorostictus) rockfishes in a Monterey submarine canyon: implications for the design of marine reserves. Fishery Bulletin 100(2):324-337

Mollet, H.F. and G.M. Cailliet. 2002. Comparative population demography of elasmobranchs using life history tables, Leslie matrices, and stage-based matrix models. Marine and Freshwater Research 53 (2):503-516

Andrews, A.H., G.M. Cailliet, K.H. Coale, K.M. Munk, M.M. Mahoney, and V.M. OConnell. 2002. Radiometric age validation of the yelloweye rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus) from southeastern Alaska. Marine and Freshwater Research 53:1-8

Yoklavich, M., G. Cailliet, R.N. Lea, H.G. Greene, R. Starr, J. de Marignac, and J. Field. 2002. Deepwater habitat and fish resources associated with the Big Creek Marine Ecological Reserve. CalCOFI Reports 43:120-140

Andrews, A.H., E.E. Cordes, M.M. Mahoney, K. Munk, K.H. Coale, G.M. Cailliet and J. Heifetz. 2002. Age, growth and radiometric age validation of a deep-sea, habitat-forming gorgonian (Primnoa resedaeformis) from the Gulf of Alaska. Hydrobiologia 471:101-110

Cailliet, G.M., A.H. Andrews, E.J. Burton, D.L. Watters, D.E. Kline, and L.A. Ferry-Graham. 2001. Age determination and validation studies of marine fishes: do deep-dwellers live longer?. Experimental Gerontology 36:739-764

Andrews, A.H., E.J. Burton, K.H. Coale, G.M. Cailliet, and R.E. Crabtree. 2001. Radiometric age validation of Atlantic tarpon, Megalops atlanticus. Fishery Bulletin 99:389-398

Neer, J.A. and G.M. Cailliet. 2001. Aspects of the life history of the Pacific electric ray, Torpedo californica (Ayres). Copeia 2001(3):842-847

Johnson, K.A., M.M. Yoklavich, and G.M. Cailliet. 2001. Recruitment of three species of juvenile rockfish, (Sebastes spp.) on soft benthic habitat in Monterey Bay, California. CalCOFI Reports 42:153-166

Yoklavich, M.M., H.G. Greene, G.M. Cailliet, D.E. Sullivan, R.N. Lea, and M.S. Love. 2000. Habitat associations of deep-water rockfishes in a submarine Canyon: an example of a natural refuge. Fishery Bulletin 98:625-641

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