Mike Foster

Michael Foster


Professor Emeritus, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
B.S., Stanford University
M.A., Stanford University
Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara
Email: foster@mlml.calstate.edu
Lab Website:
Mike's Web Page:


Specific Research Interests:

The population and community ecology of marine macroalgae. Current Projects: (1) Ecology of rhodolith beds in the Gulf of California; (2) Macrophyte population dynamics in Elkhorn Slough; (3) Long-term dynamics of giant kelp forests in California; (4) The effects of power plant once-through cooling systems on the marine enviroment; (5) The relationships among seaweed population dynamics, demographics and life histories.

Selected Publications:

Schiel, D.R., Steinbeck, J. and Foster, M.S. 2004. Changes in marine communities over 10 years after an induced rise in seawater temperature. Ecology 85:1833-1839

Clark, R.P., Edwards, M.S. and Foster, M.S. 2004. Effects of shade from multiple kelp canopies on an understory algal assemblage. Marine Ecology Progress Series 267:107-119

Spalding, H., Foster, M.S. and Heine, J. 2003. Composition, distribution, and abundance of deep water (>30 m) macroalgae in central California. Journal of Phycology 39:273-284

Foster, M.S., Nigg, E.W., Kiguchi, L.M., Hardin, D.D. and Pearse, J.S. 2003. Temporal variation and succession in an algal-dominated high-intertidal assemblage. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 289:15-39

Foster, M.S. 2001. Rhodoliths: between rocks and soft places. Journal of Phycology 37:1-9

Frantz, B. Kashgarian, M., Coale, K.H. and Foster, M.S. 2000. Growth rate and potential climate record from a rhodolith using 14C accelerator mass spectrometry. Limnology and Oceanography 45:1773-1777

Foster, M., Riosmena-Rodriguez, R., Steller, D., and Woelkerling, Wm.J. 1997. Living rhodolith beds in the Gulf of California and their significance for paleoenvironmental interpretation, P. 127-139. In: Johnson, M. and Ledesma-Vazquez, J (eds.), Pliocene carbonates and related facies flanking the Gulf of California, Baja California, Mexico. Geological Society of America Special Paper #318, Boulder.

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