Has average length of fishes changed

Has the average mean length of fishes changed with time?

We are currently analyzing our data to compare 2012-2014 fishes caught with those surveyed by California Department of Fish and Wildlife during 1987 to 1998. Check back as we update our results on this webpage. Shown below are median lengths for Yellowtail Rockfish, Canary Rockfish, Widow Rockfish, and Lingcod by location and site collected during 2012-2014. Blue represents shallow or reference (REF) sites while red denotes deep or Rockfish Conservation Area (RCA) sites. Sample size is displayed above each boxplot. Note that too few Widow Rockfish were collected at the Farallon Islands for a statistical test of difference in mean length [t-test statistical significance between mean lengths: (*) p ≤ .05 ; (**) p ≤ .01 ; (***) p ≤ .001]

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