Taking a Class at MLML

Want to take a class at MLML?

Prospective students, current students at other institutions, as well as community members, can take classes at MLML. Please follow the 3-step process outlined below. Most MLML classes are day-long, usually have a lecture component in the morning and lab in the afternoon, and meet once per week at the main MLML facility in Moss Landing, CA. Visiting students are generally encouraged to take no more than one class per semester.

Step 1: Contact the Instructor

All MLML classes require you to obtain permission from the instructor in order to take the class.

Step 2: Register through the CSU

Once you've received the instructor's permission to take a MLML class, you must register for the class through the CSU (and pay them the corresponding fees). The process varies according to your situation; please contact MLML's Graduate Program Coordinator for assistance.

Step 3: Confirm both enrollments

Attend the first class meeting and confirm that you are on both the MLML class roster and the CSU class roster.