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Ichthyology - from Greek: ikhthu, "fish"; and logos, "knowledge"

Welcome to the Ichthyology Lab Website! The Ichthyology Lab is the home of Dr. Scott Hamilton, his graduate students, and several affiliated researchers both at MLML and at collaborating institutions where we study the ecology of marine fishes and reef communities. Studies in the Ichthyology lab include, but are not limited to, climate change effects on rockfishes, predator-prey interactions, direct and indirect effects of fishing on communities, foraging ecology, and life history studies. Much of our current work is focused on temperate and coral reef fishes, from off the coast of California and around the world.

Please follow the links at the top of the website to learn more about the lab! After reading, if you are interested in joining the Ichthyology Lab as a student or a volunteer, please see the Opportunities page. C-L-E-M-S-O-N T-I-G-E-Rrrr-S!

Annual MLML Open House Video

Student-created video highlighting current research and field work in the Ichthyology lab. Previous years: 20152014.

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