Classroom Technology Guide


Adapters and cables can be checked out from the IT Help Desk or through an iTicket in order to connect a personal laptop to a projector, computer, or Mobile Presentation Unit (MPU) in any of Classrooms.

Please do not unplug adapters/cables from classroom iMacs - there should be separate cables for personal laptops (labeled “Guest Computer”)

For more information about individual classroom setup and procedures, visit the Classroom Technology Knowledge Base Page.
  • Epson projectors: Dry, Group Study, Think Tank, Seminar, Wet, Oceanography, and Student Conference Classrooms.
  • NBC Projector: Seminar Room
  • Audio available through the iMacs the projectors are hooked up to.
    • If using personal computer, plug in black audio cable into personal computer

**If using personal computer with Projectors, ask Help Desk Tech for assistance**

  • Available in: Dry, Wet, Seminar, and Oceanography Classrooms.
  • Hooked up to the projectors.
  • Always available in: Group Study, Think Tank, and Student Conference Room.
  • Can be checked-out for use in the other rooms as well - submit an iTicket to check one out.