Phones & Faxing


Desk Phones

Desktop Cisco phones are available for use throughout the MLML main lab. These phones have large touchscreen displays, built-in cameras for video calls, bluetooth compatibility and call management capabilities. The MLML Staff Directory may be found here.
Guides for operating the Cisco Model CP-9971 phone may be found here.


Speed Dials

On these phones, users may add up to four speed dials. To add a speed dial, the user must submit an iTicket, and the IT Department will create the speed dial on the phone for them. (User may add more than one speed dial on the same ticket if they include all the relevant information for each one). Included should be: The full ten digit number (3 digit area code + 7 digit phone number), and the name or short description they want to show up next to the speed dial button on the screen of the phone.


Voicemail to email

A user can also have voicemails automatically sent as an audio file to their email. To set this up, submit an iTicket.

Conference Phones

Cisco conference phones are available for use in the Group Study (Rm 103) and Think Tank (Rm 202). These phones are also available for check-out at the IT Help Desk Cubicle (Rm 203).

Click here for a quick reference guide.

A more in depth guides for operating the Cisco Model 7937G conference phone may be found here (e.g. Maintain and Operate Guides).

NOTE: Zoom is recommended when hosting conference calls with more than two callers due to limitations on the number of lines our phones can support simultaneously.

Making Calls - Desk Phones and Conference Phones

To an internal phone:

  1. Internal phones may be reached by dialing only the extension (e.g. 1-4418 for the IT Help Desk cubicle).


To an external phone:

  1. DIAL 7 first.
  3. Example: 7+1+831+771-4400





Zoom is a video conferencing application available to CSUMB and SJSU affiliates (students, faculty, staff, etc.) Instructions for setting up Zoom may be found here. Users are able to host or join conference calls, video conference call, and share their screen (when having multiple displays, the user can pick which screen[s] to share).

Here’s a link to SJSU's Zoom website:  (Login with your SJSUID)
Here’s link to CSUMB’s Zoom website:

The Group Study (Rm 103) and the Student Conference Room (Rm 414) have Mobile Presentation Units (MPUs). These units can be used to share your computer screen (like the Think Tank and Dry Classroom), or they can be used for video conferencing using Zoom. They are essentially TVs with a Cisco video conferencing system attached.

If you would like to use one of the units for a video conference, please indicate so on the appropriate reservation request form.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an easy way to video chat and hold meetings with up to 50 people. The service may be accessed online through the Gmail, Google+ websites, or mobile applications.

For more information and help visit G Suite Hangouts.


Fax Numbers and Locations

A fax machine is available at the main lab in Administration Office (Rm 203) on the Admin Copier. Fax cover sheets are available at the Front Desk.
Below is a list of fax numbers associated with MLML:
Administration Printer: 831-632-4403

Marine Operations: 831-633-4580

MOBY tent (Hawaii): 808-845-4599

MPSL: 831-633-0805

MPSL (Rusty): 831-771-4189

Faxing from the Admin Office at the Main Lab

Instructions to send a fax from the MLML Administration Office:

  1. Login to the copy machine.
  2. Select FAX on the touch screen or press FAX on the button panel.
  3. DIAL 9 first.
  5. Example: 9+1+831+7714400
  6. Press START.
  7. At the bottom of the touchscreen you should be able to see that the fax is sending.
  8. To verify whether the fax went through, press JOB STATUS on the button panel.
  9. If the fax is still in process it will show in the STATUS tab.
  10. If no jobs are in the STATUS tab, select the JOB tab.
  11. Completed faxes under the JOB tab will show as either sent or busy.

Received Faxes in the Admin Office at the Main Lab

Check the copier tray if the fax was just sent. Check the “Received Faxes” folder in the standup filer on the copy room counter. Check your mailbox or with the Front Desk Staff.