MLML Web Services provides:

  • External users with information about MLML's education program and research activities;
  • Employees with resources essential to their activities.
  • Registered students with programmatic information.

MLML is committed to ensuring accessibility of its websites, web content, and web applications for people with disabilities. See CSU Section 508 for more details. For web admin resources, visit our WordPress page.

Service Level Agreements

  • Tenure-track and Research Faculty Laboratories, MLML Departments, and Researchers with Affiliate status qualify for website support.
  • To help MLML webmasters meet CSU Section 508 in a cost-effective, easy (i.e.: no programming skills required), and scalable way, Drupal and WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS), bundled with a 508 compliant MLML template, are offered to the community.
  • 508 training materials will be made available to webmasters and web content writers in order to ensure their created content is 508 compliant.
  • 24/7 access to your website administration panel for managing, editing, and creating content.
  • CMS core/version upgrades and security updates installed and managed by iTech on scheduled server maintenance days.



  • In accordance with California State University policy, all MLML web applications, web content, and websites (defined as any and all sites or pages with mlml.calstate.edu as part of the uniform resource locator) must meet Section 508 requirements by 2012.
  • Decisions concerning interface design, graphics, best practices and policies are coordinated by the web committee with input from appropriate administrators and faculty.
  • All MLML websites must maintain appropriate and accurate information.
  • In order to portray MLML in a consistently recognizable manner, academic and department websites must use the MLML template. All others must be approved by the web committee.
  • All tenure track and research faculty are required to maintain a website that accurately reflects current activities of their laboratory. Research affiliates are required to have at least basic information about this program linked from their name on the "Research Affiliate" page. Researchers without affiliate status may have webpages as part of their faculty sponsor's website. These pages may also be linked to from the individual's entry in the directory.
  • Any portion of a website that is discovered to compromise security and/or stability ¬†will be immediately taken offline until the issue is resolved.
  • Planned server outages will be communicated in advance via email and/or voicemail and will be scheduled to minimize disruptions to the MLML community.