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Dr. Stacy Kim in the Benthic Lab publishes on deep sea hydrothermal vent communities.

Peripheral vent communities in the Western Pacific are poorly known, and currently under threat from deep sea mining.   We found abundant carnivorous suspension feeders, with distinctive spatial distributions of endemic species.  Graduate student Kenji Soto is investigating the causes for this pattern in his thesis research.  Follow the link below to read the full paper.

From Tuscan Mountains to MLML - Dr. Ivano Aiello spotlighted at SJSU Spring 2016 University Scholars Series

MLML's Dr. Ivano Aiello is invited to speak at San Jose State University for their 2016 University Scholar Series. Dr. Aiello will speak about microfossil-rich marine sediments and its relationship to past climate conditions at 12:00pm on March 23 in MLK room 225/229 on the SJSU campus. An article about Dr. Aiello is featured on the SJSU's Academic Spotlight web page here. The University Scholars Series is co-sponsored by the Office of the Provost, the University Library and the Spartan Bookstore.

MLML Alumn receives Prestigious Award from the Seafood Industry

Good news from one of our alumni: Mariah Boyle, a former MLML Ichthyology Lab student, recently received a prestigious award from the seafood industry, recognizing her leadership in the sector. Mariah is the Traceability Division Director at FishWise. A PDF of the article is attached.