Adjunct Faculty


Adjunct Faculty have Principal Investigator status through MLML and SJSU Research Foundation, they conduct research through MLML, potentially using some of the facilities, and can serve on student thesis committees.  However, Adjunct Faculty do not have a physical presence at MLML, thus they may or may not have lab space and do not have an office.

Denny P. Alappattu
Department: Naval Postgraduate School
Contact information:
Phone: (831) 771-4427
Jim Barry
Department: Senior Scientist/Research Chair/Benthic Ecology
Contact information:
Phone: (831) 775-1726
Joseph Bizzarro
Office: MLML Main Lab 514
Department: Pacific Shark Research Center, Ichthyology
Contact Information:
Phone: (831) 771-4438
Curtis A. Collins
Office: Naval Postgraduate School
Department: Oceanography
Contact Information:
Phone: (831) 656-3271
Zach Peery
Office: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department: Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Contact Information:
Phone: (608) 890-2766
Bruce H. Robison
Office: Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Department: Senior Scientist/Midwater Ecologist
Contact Information:
Phone: (831) 775-1701
Tim Stanton
Office: Naval Postgraduate School
Department: Ocean Turbulence Lab
Contact Information:
Qing Wang
Office: Naval Postgraduate School
Department: MeteorologySchool of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Contact Information:
Phone: (831) 656-7716
Mary Yoklavich
Department: Fisheries Biology
Contact Information:
Phone: (831) 601-2150