Joseph Bizzarro

Joseph Bizzarro

Adjunct Faculty



phone:(831) 771-4438

office: MLML Main Lab 514

department: Pacific Shark Research Center


My general areas of interest are marine ecology and ichthyology, and more specifically resource utilization, life history, and fisheries studies of demersal and benthic elasmobranchs (i.e., sharks, skates, and rays) and teleost groundfishes. I am especially interested in trophic ecology and spatial associations of marine fish assemblages, and have several such research projects underway or recently completed between the Bering Sea and Gulf of California. I also have considerable experience in seafloor mapping, collection and analysis of biological and physical data, and trophic and spatial analysis of groundfishes and benthic invertebrates. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues and pursuing interdisciplinary studies. I have especially valued my collaborations with marine geologists, as knowledge of the geologic conditions that create and maintain seafloor habitats for benthic fishes is fundamental to my research.

Recent Publications: 

  • Benson, S.R., Tapilatu, R.F., Pilcher, N., Santidrián Tomillo, P., and Sarti Martinez, L. (In press). Leatherback turtle populations in the Pacific. In: Spotila, J. (Ed.), The Leatherback Turtle: Biology and Conservation. The Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Howell, E.A., Hoover, A., Benson, S.R., Bailey, H., Polovina, J.J., Seminoff, J.A., and Dutton, P.H. 2015. Enhancing the TurtleWatch product for leatherback sea turtles, a dynamic habitat model for ecosystem-based management. Fisheries Oceanography 24(1):57-68.
  • Roe, J. H., Morreale, S.J., Paladino, F.V., Shillinger, G.L., Benson, S.R., Eckert, S.A., Bailey, H., Tomillo, P.S., Bograd, S.J., Eguchi, T., Dutton, P.H., Seminoff, J.A., Block, B.A., and Spotila, J.R. 2014. Predicting bycatch hotspots for endangered leatherback turtles on longlines in the Pacific Ocean. Royal Society Proceedings B 2014 281, 20132559.