Tim Stanton

Tim Stanton 

Adjunct Faculty


email: stanton@nps.edu

phone: (831) 656-3144

office: Ocean Turbulence Lab, NPS


Tim Stanton has been working in the Beaufort Sea for the last eight years. His latest project got underway last March, when NPS colleague Research Associate Professor Bill Shaw deployed two university-developed Autonomous Ocean Flux Buoys, instruments specifically designed to measure the vertical flux of heat, salt and momentum that are occurring between the ocean and Arctic sea ice.

The Ocean Turbulence Laboratory in the Oceanography Department at the Naval Postgraduate School has an active research program addressing a range of ocean turbulent boundary layer problems. The group has developed observational systems for studying sub-ice boundary layers in polar regions, coastal internal waves, solitons and turbulence over the continental shelf, and the wave forced boundary bottom boundary layer over the inner shelf and surf zone.