Research Affiliates

  • Scott Benson - Southwest Fisheries Science Center Marine Turtle Research Program (SWFSC)
    Research Associate
    Stationed at MLML, Scott is co-investigator of the SWFSC leatherback turtle ecology program and coordinates research on leatherbacks in central California and the Western Pacific.


  • Ross Clark - Central Coast Wetlands Group
    Director of Central Coast Wetlands Group
    CCWG is a wetlands science research group serving the Central Coast of California. We work closely with regional and state partners to improve wetland science communication between researchers, resource managers and policy makers. We do this through on the ground research, the development and dissemination of tools and materials, and through organizing and hosting meetings and symposia that bring groups of people together to increase dialogue. By collaborating on wetland-related efforts, local resources can be used more effectively to assess and improve the condition of local wetlands and the services they provide.


  • Rusty Fairey - Marine Pollution Studies Laboratory (MPSL)
    Director of MPSL-MLML
    MPSL-MLML serves a scientific and technical support role for multiple federal, state and local agencies, both governmental and non-governmental. Our current efforts focus on monitoring the environmental health of California's surface waters (SWRCB's SWAMP Program), on tracking the status and trends in California's non-native species introductions (CDFG's Introduced Species Program), and on environmental data management (SWRCB's SWAMP and CEDEN Programs). Our staff performs a wide array of design, sampling, laboratory analysis, quality assurance, reporting and database management functions.


  • Wesley Heim - Marine Pollution Studies Laboratory (MPSL)
    Director of MPSL-DFG
    The MPSL-DFG group offers field sampling, laboratory preparation, and analytical (trace metals, mercury, methylmercury, and some conventional constituents) capabilities.


  • Kim Null - Chemical Oceanography
    Research Affliate
    Broadly, my research focuses on the fate and transport of chemical constituents at the land-sea interface. Recent research projects have investigated the transport of nutrients to the coastal ocean through submarine groundwater discharge and the impact on water quality and coastal ocean ecosystems. I’ve conducted this type of research all over the world, including Antarctica, North Carolina, Monterey Bay, San Francisco Bay, and the Yucatan Peninsula. I often use natural radiogenic tracers such as radium and radon to model and quantify groundwater and associated inputs. Other recent projects have utilized physical models to predict the influence of land-use practices in agricultural areas on nutrient loading in coastal environments.