SJSU/MLML Research Affiliate Sea Otter Savvy featured in NBC story

SJSU/MLML research affiliates Sea Otter Savvy would like to remind everyone to continue keeping their distance from sea otters and other wildlife as social distancing guidelines are relaxed. Sea Otter Savvy director Gena Bentall was featured in a recent video by NBC Bay Area discussing this topic.

Click here to watch the video, titled "As Coronavirus Restrictions Relax, Wildlife Still Needs Social Distancing".

Sea Otter Savvy joins MLML as a research affiliate

Sea Otter Savvy joins the MLML family

We are proud to announce that Sea Otter Savvy is now officially a research affiliate of Moss Landing Marine Labs. The Sea Otter Savvy program strives to foster responsible behavior by users of the marine environment while they are viewing and recreating near sea otters. Sea Otter Savvy believes that most disturbance to sea otters is unintentional and motivated by lack of awareness. It is essential to understand the unique vulnerability and importance of sea otters in our ecosystem in order to prevent disturbance. With outreach and education, we hope to increase awareness of the importance of protecting sea otters as part of our coastal community, and inspire everyone sharing the coastal environment with sea otters to adopt responsible viewing guidelines and share them with others.